Running Shoes

I love the feeling when my whole body perspires with sweat after a good run. In my opinion, a good pair of shoes is essential for a good run. We wouldn’t want a twisted or sprained ankle, would we? These thoughts kindled my search for the best marathon running shoes for men in India.

No matter how you search the Internet –  the best walking shoes, the best jogging shoes, the best sports shoes or best PT shoes, you will have plenty of options to consider. The key is to pick the one that suits best for you. Now that I have some insight about buying a pair of best running shoes for men,  I have come up with an extensive guide to help you find your pair of sneakers.

Best For Flat Feet

If you are tired of rolling over the shoe’s edge and wearing out your soles on the inner side, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 will fix that problem for you! People with flat feet and overpronation need a shoe that offers more support on the inner side to keep the foot straight and not falling in.

The Adrenaline is a saving grace not only as a stability shoe but also as a go-to-shoe for many purposes. Wear it for slow recovery runs, long-distance efforts, and even a full day of walking. We enjoyed its amply plush, max-cushioned ride so much that taking it off simply didn’t feel right. You just want to keep it on your feet until going to bed.

It is so well-padded and supportive and yet doesn’t feel heavy. From the 270+ stability shoes that we have measured in our lab, the Adrenaline weighs slightly below average. It also uses a more advanced support technology which helps to correct your pronation without you even feeling it! Unlike the sturdy medial posts they used in stability shoes before.

The shoe’s plush upper is a miracle. It will hug any foot shape as if it’s a loved one. People with wider feet will find joy in its ample toe space as well as in all the width options available.

The Adrenaline will not blow your mind with looks but it’s got that clean, simple aesthetics that Brooks has been acclaimed for.

Best For Race

This is by far the best carbon plated shoe that we’ve tested. We rarely make such bold statements as there are nuances to every running shoe. However, the MetaSpeed killed it, both in our wear testing and in our lab testing. This shoe is amazing.

It’s light (191g) and in our lab we measured a 2.5mm drop only which is significantly lower than the 5mm reported drop from Asics themselves. It is a low drop, and it worked well.

These days, most race-day shoes come with a carbon plate, however you also pay a premium for the newest tech ($250 for a running shoe is A LOT). Study after study does show how carbon plated shoes are faster, and World records are almost exclusively being broken using race shoes with carbon plates. If you want to set new PB’s, do get a carbon plated shoe.

And if you want the best of the best, buy the Asics MetaSpeed Sky.

As opposed to most other race shoes, the MetaSpeed Sky is comfortable. It is less stiff, and its forefoot is wider than most race shoes. You will appreciate it if you race distances longer than 5k.

In our lab test, it required 41.3 newton to untie the shoes which is 38% better than the average shoe. We also learned that the outsole is 23% softer than average, which might be an indicator of a slightly shorter life span, which, however is expected from a race shoe.

Best Trail Shoe

The Salomon Sense Ride 4 is a certified beast and it sure took our breath away with its surprisingly responsive ride! 

This trail shoe is everything trail-ready. It’s got an insane grip, and it’s got durability written all over it. 

After doing some nerdy lab testing on this shoe, we’ve gathered that it’s more rigid (at 81.5HC) than the average (75.1HC). Meaning, it can’t get more tank-like than this! 

And if you’re thinking it’s an uncomfortable, brick-like ride, the easy answer is NO. It’s anything but that. We really hammered this shoe, and it showed INSANE prowess in long-distance runs and steep climbs! It’s a super fun and energetic ride, we almost forgot we’re wearing a trail shoe. 

Even better, it’s not the type of tank that’s heavy. It didn’t weigh us down at all. On paper, it sure as hell is heavy, but on the run? It’s the exact opposite! 

With its grip, it just gets better and better. It’s got 3.57mm lugs that are ready to bite just about any terrain. 

Of course, we can’t overlook the super convenient lockdown system this shoe has. The Quicklace system is not only quick, but it’s also very secure and prevents any in-shoe movement. 

And ooh la la, what a stunner! Trail shoes don’t always have the looks, but the Salomon Sense Ride 4 just loves wow everyone.