Floral Shirts For Men

Flowers and floral printed clothing have been labeled as being “feminine” for a very long time. But the times have changed, aren’t they? We’re getting the newest fashion updates almost every 6 months. The floral prints look great on men too, but one needs to be cautious about styling floral apparel. If you too are skeptical about trying on a floral shirt men, we have got some tips you can rely on. It is a territory that can be tough to visit, but you never shy away from trying these styles. It takes a gentleman to rock a floral print shirt.

How To Wear Floral Shirts?

  • NEVER pair two floral print pieces at the same time. The contrast might be looking appealing to the eyes, but if you don’t wanna look like something out of a flower valley, don’t do it. 
  • Pair a floral printed shirt with a plain bottom.
  • Rule of the thumb- floral prints are not meant for all occasions. Keep in mind where you are heading out before choosing your outfit.
  • Wear lighter shades in summers. Leave the darker tones for winters. It gives you an airy personality.
  • Being a man and wearing flowers all over you requires a lot of guts, especially if you’re trying it for the first time. You are like the white elephant in the room, you’re bound to grab attention and turn a lot of heads! There is a wide range of choices already available, with new designs and prints updating daily. You can explore and experiment with your outfits by mix-matching prints and patterns.

What To Wear With Floral Shirts?


Take it Casually

floral button-down shirt paired with black shorts is one way to wear it. It is as comfortable as it sounds. What else do we need on a hot summer day-off than to chill in the backyard with a couple of Breezers. To complete the look, you can put on a pair of white sneakers, a black way-farer. Try this outfit when you’re in a hurry to look effortlessly stylish.

The Front-open look

If you’re planning to have switched from your basic casual look to something playful, try wearing a floral shirt over a white tank top and keep it unbuttoned. This can be a great substitute for a tee-shirt on hot humid days. You can throw on a pair of shorts and flip-flops to go with it. There are a number of luxury fashion brands and retail stores online where you can also find the top 10 step checklist for choosing right pair of shoes.